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Footpath Maintenance

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We offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all types of driveways.​ 

With our specialized cleaning equipment and trained personnel we can assess and advise, clean and maintain your driveway.

Concrete cleaning

Concrete should be cleaned at least once a year, Spring is an ideal time to clean after the winter. 

Tarmac cleaning

Tarmac is a soft surface and requires care when cleaning. Depending on the level of build up it may need treating first. We can advise on the proper steps for cleaning and rejuvenating your Tarmac surface.

Imprinted concrete cleaning

We have extensive experience with installing imprinted concrete, We have the specialist knowledge for cleaning and maintaining imprinted concrete. 

Paver cleaning

Paver joints are notorious for gathering dirt and growing weeds, we have the specialist equipment for cleaning these surfaces.

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Cappataggle, County Galway

John Tel: 0871833310

Fergal Tel: 0831323141

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